Weekend, here I come!


My Alex and Ani package came in today! 3 more bracelets for me :) Stand Up To Cancer, Make your mark, and Shining Sea – USA! In love with these!


Don’t mind my tiny muscle…it’s my left arm ;)


Now to why I’m really here:

wanted to remind everyone that there are only TWO days left with using MILESTOGOBLOG for 15% on my 5k.  Register now to help support Stand Up To Cancer!  or order an Alex and Ani bracelet…that’s cool, too!

Register here: https://runsignup.com/Race/VA/Woodbridge/MilesToGoStandUpToCancer

We have one more sponsor! SPIbelt!

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On the side of my page, you’ll find the giveaway raffle!  Don’t forget to enter! We have more sponsors and discounts coming on some awesome products!

And, I’ll leave you with my favorite article out of this month’s Runners World:


Wine pairings for different races…whaaaaat!?

I’m tapering this weekend because of Marine Corps Marathon next weekend – where the hell did the time go!? So, wine festival for me :) See you guys Monday!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 3.53.44 PM

What are your running and non-running plans for the weekend?

Who’s running Marine Corps Marathon!? 

Sayings Runners Love To Say

Recently, I wrote a post on questions that runners love hearing.  It had me thinking…what are some things runners say that make us feel proud?  Maybe some of these, “normal” people would feel ashamed to say, but we say them with our chin up high.  Here is my list of things I say (sorry, runners are weird..):

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Quick Updates & Promo Code for 5k!

Good morning, everyone! I have a couple of quick updates I wanted to share!

I finally found a location and date best for me to get my coaching certification in running! YAY!!! This has been a goal of mine for awhile, and will help my dreams for the future.  Can’t wait.


Promo code for my virtual 5k is up! MILESTOGOBLOG to get 15% off registration!  This is only for 3 days!  Take advantage!

Sign up ASAP to get your medal – bottle-opener ;)

*Just a reminder: ALL proceeds for the 5k go to Stand Up To Cancer!  Supporting their cancer research and to begin the end of cancer.

Register here!

As you all know, Momentum Jewelry was my first sponsor…now my 5k has another sponsor – Sparkly Soul! So excited to have them on board. They won’t be a giveaway, BUT you get 10% off any headband, AND they will match 10% of purchases to my cause. How awesome and thoughtful is that?!


Here are two great shopping finds I bought yesterday :) My sister and I had a retail therapy day.


Don’t worry, we went to our local VA Runner, too!  I got some new inserts for the Marine Corps Marathon, AHHHHH can we please note how fast this is coming up!???!!!


How are you making YOUR dreams come true?!

How To Budget Your Running Addiction

We all know I am obsessed with everything involved in running.  And I shop, a lot.  For running clothes, shoes, accessories, new races, you name it!  Being a recent graduate, I’m trying my best to budget wherever I can.  Here are tips on how I try to budget my addiction:

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Weekly Run-down: Last Minute Army Ten Miler

Happy Columbus Day!  Today is a paid holiday for me so I’m not complaining ;)  I’m going to skip my week overview and go straight to my weekend!  B was in town and it was so much fun :) My college roommate came up to run our 20 miler that never happened, here’s the story:

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