New things coming up!

Hey guys!  Just a quick mid-week update:

My hip has been bothering me more recently, so thankfully I’m going to see my PT tomorrow! I refuse to have any major treatment options until after Disney Dopey Challenge.

Super exciting weekend coming up – I get to visit my boyfriend in South Carolina! Ahh, weekend filled with Charleston and Savannah charm :)

I signed up for the Race for Every Child – and even persuaded some of my co-workers to make a team! Woohoo for being the runner co-worker and friend! It will be my first time running it, it’s a small race but the cause is great: Race for Every Child 5k

Contributing news: Before this blog, I started writing for Run Haven and absolutely love it!  I am now doing a bunch of posts on “Thoughts while…,” so any ideas?  Check them out here: Run Haven.  On Tuesday evening, I had the chance to stop by the Paul Thurston 4.5 miler – hosted by DC Road Runners.  I was able to talk with some of the runners for Run Washington; so be on the look-out for that post!  Love all these writing jobs :)  I am now an contributor – with the running community.  Also, I’m part of the EmpowHER community!

Start of 4.5 miler - DC Road Runners

Start of 4.5 miler – DC Road Runners

Of course, I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – so here is the after-math.  I donated $25, as well, and $25 to Wounded Warriors.

Kallie and her dad go through the challenge with me - love!

Kallie and her dad go through the challenge with me – love!

Hope everyone’s rest of the week is filled with running, joy, and laughs!

Missing NYC

I have cousins that live in NYC, where I’ve wanted to live for my whole life.  I’ve had the dream of being on broadway; coming from a dance background.  I love city life, people, and busy times.  What better place for me than NYC?!

In honor of Summer Streets NYC these past couple weekends – here is my recap of the one time I took part (2012).  Amazing experience; until I got hangry – it was bad…just ask my sister and best friend.  You know it’s bad when I refused to run any more.DSC01716

My sister and cuz!

My sister and cuz!

Kallie! btw: Allie + Kelly = Kallie

Kallie! btw: Allie + Kelly = Kallie

The most awkward picture I have ever taken.

The most awkward picture I have ever taken.


SO fun!

SO fun!



Cool bike-energy thingy.  Fun and cool.

Cool bike-energy thingy. Fun and cool.


First time walking over the Brooklyn Bridge!

First time walking over the Brooklyn Bridge!


I normally make a visit about once or twice a year, but I’m slacking.  It’s not good for my travel health and heart.



Races can be intimidating for first-time runners.  Don’t fear!  There are many fun races to pick from that still offer your goal mileage.

-Wicked Wine Run

-Wicked 10k

-Mud Runs – Run Amuck, Tough Mudder, etc.

-Color Runs

-Disney Runs – these are great for vacations; my friend and I have planned/saved for 2 years to run the Dopey Challenge

-Zombie Runs - might make you PR, too ;)

-Turkey Trots

-School Runs – ODU 5k

These are examples that I know of….there are many more themed races around the world.  I think there are underwear races, hot chocolate, donut, pizza’s, princess, diva’s, etc.  There’s a race for everything!  These all can be excited and fun; and may even get you addicted to running, in general.

My sister and I ran as Phil & Lil in the Wicked10k

My sister and I ran as Phil & Lil in the Wicked10k

Weekly Run-down

I’ve made a decision to do weekly “run-down’s” on my blog!  I am going to get more personal with these posts, updating you on my life! I feel pretty clever coming up with “run-down” ;) good,  yeah?

Blog: So this week is the first full week my blog has been public!  I am absolutely loving all the support and love I get from every one of you!  I have almost 500 likes on Miles to go FB page, and over 700 visitors on the blog, crazy.  Plus, I have an awesome friend designing a logo for me – so be on the watch for that.  I, hopefully, will be volunteering with some awesome organizations, but I’ll keep you updated when they are finalized :)

Runs: My runs have been kind of off lately; it’s been hot, I’m tired and my stomach hasn’t been feeling well.  I am trying to get myself ready for the many races I’m registered for this fall.  I have Rock N’ Roll VA Beach (my first half marathon, 4 years in a row), Woodrow Wilson Half, and Marine Corps Marathon. I’m thinking of signing up for the new Harbor Lights Half in Norfolk, by J&A.  And the Disney Dopey Challenge is in January! Eek!  Excited for all of these awesome experiences.  Saturday I had a good friend of mine come with me to the GW Parkway (Mt. Vernon Trail) so I could run my long run.  I wanted 8-10 miles but ended it at 7.5. imageIt was a beautiful run!  I’ve always wanted to run over the Woodrow Wilson Bridge; so that’s a plus!


I went to Maryland and back ;)

Earlier in the week, I ran an easy 5 miler.

imageLife: I’m in my 2nd month at my new ‘real-world’ job and it’s going good!  I love having a routine and not having any HW ;) I get to write about the Paul Thurston race by DC Road Runners for Run Washington this week.  It will be my first post for them, so it’s going to be fun!  With my posts for Run Haven, I’m writing a “thought” series, so any suggestions?!  My hip is doing better with weekly PT visits, but I am waiting until after Dopey Challenge to take any real actions.  They think it is a labral tear, which you fix by surgery.  I’m thinking of getting the fluid shot in my hip joint (YIKES) to keep myself going until spring.  I HATE NEEDLES.  So, that’s not going to be fun.

I am going to Charleston to see my boyfriend this weekend, and I can’t wait!  I absolutely love going down there and of course, seeing him.  Military life…

And just for cute’s sake; here is my dog getting mad at me because I found him trying to hide his bone:

Frank Beamer - yes, named after VT Football Coach/ he is really my sister's but I helped raise him :)

Frank Beamer – yes, named after VT Football Coach/ he is really my sister’s but I helped raise him :)


Trail Running

So I received a request to post about trails around northern VA to run on.  Let it be known: I trip A LOT.  I have completed 1 trail race and that was the North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 Marathon.  It was fun, but the whole time I was saying, “Don’t fall, don’t trip, stick, watch out!”

Anyway, here are the trails:

1. Burke Lake, Lorton – this one is my favorite, since it’s close; but it is only a 4.5 mile loop

2. Fountainhead Regional Park – Fairfax

3. Great Falls – Mclean

4. Meadowood – Lorton

5. Laurel Hill – Lorton

6. W&OD Trail – this one is the longest – 90 miles

7. Algonkian Regional Park, Great Falls Park, Potomac Heritage – these are where I ran for the North Face Endurance Challenge – really awesome. – you start and end in Algonkian Regional Park

All of these have parking and bathrooms (a must!!!! but you could always use the woods, I guess).

If you want to really know my thoughts while running on a trail: Run Haven

North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2

North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2

Rachel and I running on the Algonkian Trail - North Face Endurance Challenge

Rachel and I running on the Algonkian Trail – North Face Endurance Challenge


*side note: why do I always raise the roof in my photos?! and it never looks like I’m picking my feet off the ground – I promise, I’m running! – things I need to work on.



Having a mom that’s a Physical Therapist

With having a recent hip injury, I have been going to my mom’s physical therapy office.   Since one of my appointments was yesterday, here are my thoughts:

This is my life with a mom that’s a PT.  This was good and bad for my sister and I growing up.  We were on dance teams and rowing teams, where my mom became the team PT for all the athletes.  My sister and I learned to NEVER tell our mom if something hurt.  This is beside the fact that my mom is the best PT in northern VA.  My mom knows everyone, anywhere.  PT = miss popular.

Here are the pro’s and con’s I came up with on having a mom thats a PT:


-having all of our personal and friend’s injuries taken care of

-learning how to correctly ice/heat your injury

-foam roll….good and bad thing.


-my mom literally knows everyone, even finds previous patients in Disney World, and beach vacations…

-you end up knowing all of her patients and families, too

-knowing all the other PT’s in the office: and you go to them for help, not your mom (shout out to my PT :D)


-mom not taking it easy on you – it is painful.

-never tell mom if anything hurts, unless it’s serious – it will get worked on…

-you start analyzing the way people walk, run, etc. because you can figure out what their injury is

-foam roll…

-your pool table in the basement becomes a treatment table, good use?

-she tells you not to run…worst thing ever.

Love you, mom! And my PT :)

Who runs before their PT appointment?! ME!

Who runs before their PT appointment?! ME!

Oh, the pain.

Oh, the pain.



My mom! Don't let the smile fool you - she is evil with that thing.

My mom! Don’t let the smile fool you – she is evil with that thing.


Traveling for races

I have an extreme love for traveling.  I would rather spend my life savings to go to South Africa (which, I did) instead of saving or buying other things.  And, traveling for races makes it that much better.  Even running while traveling is great.  Here are my tips:

Take into account the time change, you don’t want to the fly the day before unless you want to run a race jet-lagged.

See if races offer discounts on hotels and flights, sometimes they do; sometimes they don’t.  If they don’t – check out places like Kayak and Cheap Tickets, and always buy flights on Tuesdays at midnight. I would recommend choosing a race where you know someone, so you have the feel of a home to sleep in, and it’s cheaper!  Plus, you get to catch up with your long-distance friends!

Hydrate.  This is the main thing that people forget – water water water!

Pack your running clothes, race goodies, in your carry-on – just in case something were to happen, you would still be able to run.

In conclusion, just plan!  Make sure you have everything to make yourself feel like home; pack the same food you eat before a training run, etc.  Plan for races so you have time to keep checking on hotel and flight deals.  Running gives you the benefit of seeing a city or town on feet, which is a gift.  I try to get in a run every where I visit.

Summer Streets NYC

Summer Streets NYC

My sister killing it in the Rock N' Roll Las Vegas Marathon!

My sister killing it in the Rock N’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon!

GAiN 5k – Help World Hunger


My good friend, Baylee, was an intern with GAiN distribution and absolutely loved it. She told me about their 5k so I signed up for the virtual 5k!

Why should you do it?

*Proceeds from the 5k (virtual or in-person) go to the Global Aid Network Seed Harvest Program, helping world hunger by planting seeds.

I had the chance to talk with the creator of the 5k:

“You asked why I thought a 5K would benefit GAiN. If you have ever been to the Distribution center, you can see that the land around it, is a runners paradise…I think the way the race helps the most is by advertising that GAiN exists and that you don’t have to leave PA to help those suffering all around the world.

Last year the race went great! much better than we expected. We raised $600, enough for 600 hungry families to have the seeds they would need to grow a garden. It was attended fairly well for a first year race. Those who came seemed genuinely pleased with the project.

This year signups are a little low. We are not focusing on that too much since we have had many express an interest in joining us again. We have made a minor adjustment to the course so that this year it will begin and end at the distribution center. In addition to the youth fun run we have added a world hunger activity for families. Children will be able to get a glimpse into the areas GAiN serves and what it would be like to live in one of those areas.

We have also added a Virtual 5k. Find a pre-measured 3.1 mile area or run on your treadmill at home. If you get your registration in by the deadline we will get you a t-shirt and a race bib. More info can be found at GAiN 5k and”

If you want a virtual way to run a 5k in September, for a great cause:

Sign up here:
Virtual 5K registration



What is your favorite distance?

While at work, I got an email from someone I work for (I know her personally), about my blog!  It was so great for her to reach out to me and let me know that people, actually, are interested in reading this.  She gave me some really great insight on topics that runners or even non-runners would love to hear about and this is one of them!

Many people are scared to run a longer distance than what they are comfortable with – or people give a 5k a shot, and end up not liking it.  Every race distance is different and shooting for a longer distance may end up having you like racing.  To me: all race lengths are fun and great – although, my favorite is probably a half marathon!

Half’s are long enough and short enough at the same time.  They take training and dedication but not 4 hour runs.

I’ve run many races between a 5k and marathon!  Every single race distance is great, I mean it’s running?!  Every race is a great goal to set.

North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 - I've run many races with Rach, as you can tell!

North Face Endurance Challenge 1/2 – I’ve run many races with Rach, as you can tell! – Rach is AMAZING

VA Beach Rock N' Roll Half! This was the race I got my roommate addicted to running.

VA Beach Rock N’ Roll Half! This was the race I got my roommate addicted to running.

Williamsburg Half - Rach and Kallie!

Williamsburg Half – Rach and Kallie!

Alexandria Running Festival - Half!

Alexandria Running Festival – Half!

First half marathon for me = matching my sister!

First half marathon for me = matching my sister!


These are just some of my favorites!

What’s your favorite distance?!

Run YOUR Run

ODU - Audrey Shematek

ODU – Audrey Shematek

I am not the runner that listens to my body. Far from it. I always disregard pains, even when I know injuries are serious. I barely listen to myself – heck, I don’t even like being alone with my thoughts.  But, I wanted to write today about being in your own body; something I need to work on.

Listen, feel, think. Runners are so hard-headed that most of us don’t listen when we need a rest day. Take today to listen! Think of what’s best for YOU and YOUR BODY. Run faster, run slower, run relaxed, sprint, breathing exercises, walk some; whatever you need. It’s your run. Run your run.