On the Ground: Run Across Congo – changing lives through running

“Project Congo is transforming women’s lives in Eastern DRC, supporting women’s empowerment in this region and creating access to knowledge. On The Ground has a number of business partners who started sourcing coffee from this re-emerging farming region and as an organization we look to support sustainability efforts for communities that our partners work with. The need for gender equality is evident but due to the history of conflict most folks hesitate to help in the area. Our board of directors and organization Founder, Chris Treter moved with no hesitation after visiting the country, farmers, and cooperatives he was getting coffee from. We used our annual overnight Summer Solstice Run to raise funds, launching the project for the organization and starting program work in South Kivu.”


Run Across Congo is their newest project: a 7 marathon, 7 day expedition – May 24-30.  Runners will run along the shores of Lake Kivu in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.  This is a fundraiser to for Project Congo – On the Ground.

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Coach Jeff’s Wisdom – Training Tips

Last week was the start-up of Jeff Galloway’s Blogger program (click here from last week’s tips).  There are some great bloggers involved in it with me, where we receive weekly tips to share to all of our readers!  We are focusing on training this week.  This is my favorite: “The training journey for a marathon or half marathon raises your body’s physical performance capability and your sense of what you can do in life.”

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What Do Smart Runners Do Differently?

First things first – my giveaway for TWO entry’s to the Cooper Bridge 10k ends 2/21.  Repost this Instagram post with tagging me to enter!

Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 7.58.28 AM

Let me put this out there, I’m not that smart when it comes to running.  I am currently running with hip arthritis because I love it so much.  It’s an unhealthy relationships, sometimes.  But I do run with smart friends, so I’m beginning to learn.  They think about training, racing, and nutrition differently.  They have a different mindset to PR.  But, what exactly makes them smart? They way they think?  Plan accordingly? Let’s see:

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Let’s talk about planning…& 2 FREE RACE ENTRY’S Giveaway!

After running Dopey Challenge, I gave myself a week of nothing.  Honestly, I don’t think that was enough but I was felt so lazy that I couldn’t wait to start training again.  It’s a hate/love relationship.  I am now training for the Shamrock Half in March, as well as trying my best to run 2,015 miles this year.

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More Miles, Less Problems – why do I keep using #MoreMiles?

I’m sure you’ve seen me overuse this phrase and hashtag all over my social media.  I thought I’d dedicate a post to what #MoreMiles means to me and why I use it.  One, so it’s not as annoying when you see it all over my Instagram, but also because I want you to see what running does to your life.  It seems the more I run, the more I figure out.  If this is you, find out what More Miles means in your life.  Does it mean more drama free?  More fun?

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