Cooper River Bridge 10k Recap

Backstory: we had planned to run this race but leading up to it we decided we didn’t want to spend money on a hotel or anything like that.  So I did a giveaway on my blog for our two bibs.  I was disappointed because I absolutely LOVE Charleston and the infamous bridge.  I decided I would still go to SC that weekend to visit B since he can’t leave the state until June (military stuff).  I ended up getting to his barracks around 4pm and he had race packets for the race waiting for me! SURPRISE!

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Dear Running Shoes: 3/27

Dear Running Shoes-2Dear Running Shoes,

This past weekend we pounded the pavement around VA Beach (race recap).  We didn’t PR, but felt good.  I’m sorry I took a couple days off from you but my body needed rest.  This week we ran only a few miles, but did a killer hill workout.  A fellow blogger (Dream Big Runner) sent me some shoe tags for motivation.  I cannot wait to try them out.


It was time to switch running shoes, so another pair of Pure Flow’s are here and another are ordered ;)!  It’s time for me to get faster after 4 years, 14 half marathons, and 5 full marathons.  So I’ll be wearing you a lot more and putting on more miles.  Plus, spring is here!

Cheers to more miles,


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Let us always run #MoreMiles and be able-3

Shamrock Half Marathon Race Recap

I ran my 14th half marathon this past weekend.  14.  Holy cow!  I started seriously running 4 years ago and haven’t looked back since!  Yuengling is my favorite beer, so long story short – I had a good race.  I ran the Shamrock full marathon last year, where the weather SUCKED and was a terrible race for me.  This year, I decided to run the half.

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Dear Running Shoes: 3/20

 Dear Running Shoes,

This week, we ran 22 miles – taper week for Shamrock half. We ran a windy, but sunny 12 miler. Kicked some northern VA hills butts. We ran around the salt leftover from the snow storm.  We listened to Sharp Objects on audiobook, rather than music.  You stuck with me when I went out for a 4 miler and came back after one mile…the wind was killer, but I also didn’t feel like running.


We trained our last week for the Shamrock half marathon.  Did some wall sits and plank intervals.  IMG_4916

Tomorrow, we drive to Virginia Beach to catch the expo and get ready to race!  Please be good to me for Shamrock!



How Do You Fund-Race? Making A Difference Link Up

A couple weeks ago, I sent out FB posts for bloggers wanting to join a new link up: “Making A Difference.”  I have amazing bloggers joining me once a month to post about making a difference through running or other fitness activities.  Join us with adding your related link at the bottom and adding my badge to your blog (to the right).  My topic today is fund-racing!

How do

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Best Medicine For Runners

As runners, many things can go wrong: injuries, muscle aches, joint pain, body temperatures getting too hot, not getting enough sunlight during the winter, the list goes on and on.  I have a couple of favorites when it comes to medicine and how to deal with these happenings.  I put together a guide on what medications work best for runners during certain situations!


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How To Choose The Best Race For You

Last week, runners found out if they were going to run the NYC Marathon this coming November.  I entered the lottery for the second time, without any luck.  I’m disappointed, but I still have MCM to enter, as well as register for Rock N’ Roll races (I’m a Tour Pass holder, woohoo!).  Marine Corps Marathon is my favorite race of all time.  But, how do you choose the best for you?  These are a couple of my tips:

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