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Quitting is an Easy Mindset

Hello my people! This is the first post I’ve wrote in over a month. Don’t worry, I’m still running my butt off but just haven’t found the time or motivation to write a blog post. Well, that changed today on my run.

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Celebrate Summer

This post was originally posted as a guest post on Daydreams & Shoestrings.

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Happy 1 Year Blog-Versary! GIVEAWAYS!

It’s Miles To Go’s 1 year anniversary! WAHOOO!

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I’ve Never Regretted A Run Until…

August 1. Friends and I choose to change up our running route to a nice mix of trail/paved road around a lake. I had 9 miles to do.

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Dear Running Shoes: 100 Miles

100 miles in the month of August. Yep, I am dedicated to doing this or more. Training for Marine Corps Marathon is picking up, which means I need to buckle down.

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Dear Running Shoes: I’M BACK with exciting news!

Dear running shoes-9

Hello everyone! After 3 weeks off, I am back to the blogging world. I hope you all enjoyed my awesome guest bloggers who kept my blog going while I was gone. I have some news:

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Running On Vacation – Plan, Be Flexible, and Have Fun!

Your guest blogger this week is writing to you from the deck of her rented apartment in Paris! Now before you start saying to yourself “I don’t know who this Lori Prendergast is, but I sure hate her right now”, I’m hoping I can shed some light on how to get those runs and work-outs in while you are on vacation!


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Half. I’m Lazy Like That.

This guest post is from 2 by 22, originally posted on her blog!

So, I ran a half marathon yesterday.

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Why I Can’t Shut Up About My Marathon – 2 by 22

This post originally was on 2 by 22, a blog by my other crazy running friend :) She blogs about life, not just running, but this post is ON POINT. Enjoy.

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5 Reasons Why All Runners Should Volunteer for a Race

Hi, I’m Janelle and I blog at Run With No Regrets – a space for runners, fitness junkies and those committed to living a healthy life, all with a positive attitude!  I am so excited to be a guest blogger for Kelly today!

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